Kein Test Philips ECO FC6148 01 Produktvorstellung

They're looking for a current vacuum cleaner. No problem: A modern battery-powered vacuum cleaner for every household. Therefore, I would like to introduce you to the Philips ECO-FC6148-01 battery vacuum cleaner a little. The handling of the battery vacuum cleaner is easy, because it lies with scarcely under one kilo in the normal range. The dust collection container contains 0.5 litres and emptying it is child's play. With the Philips ECO FC6148-01 Battery Vacuum Cleaner you get a current vacuum cleaner. It is a strong, practical little one, that promises a longer service life due to a Li-Ion battery . With its 9 minutes running time it is well applicable for the usual applications.

Kein Test Philips FC6142 01 Akkusauger Produktvorstellung

With the Philips FC6142-01 you get a current hand vacuum cleaner in high-quality and stable workmanship. A 2-stage filter system prevents fine dust particles from being sucked into the ambient air. The current status is quickly read off via a charge level indicator and is very useful as the charging time lasts approximately 16 hours. With almost 9 minutes without loss of suction power the battery vacuum cleaner Philips FC6142-01 is available to you without any problems. With the battery vacuum cleaner you get a current vacuum cleaner which is highly recommended for the removal of mishaps as a wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

Kein Test AEG LX7 1 FFP beutelloser Bodenstaubsauger Produktvorstellung

You are looking for a current vacuum cleaner, then the AEG LX7-1-FFP is the hit. It is worth highlighting the enormous suction power, which occurs even when the speed controller is set to a low level. This vacuum cleaner AEG LX7-1-FFP easily removes cat hair / dog hair from the carpet because it has a built-in thread lifter. The excellent suction power of this vacuum cleaner of AEG leaves no "grey haze" behind. The so far missed discreet colour patterns of your carpet (dyed carpet edge) come again to the validity, since the animal hair is taken up to nearly 100 per cent. The hose and the guide tube are made of robust steel. Worth mentioning is the rewinding device. By pressing the corresponding button once, the entire length of the cable is drawn into the AEG LX7-1FFP vacuum cleaner. It is finally over with the several attempts to get the cable into the vacuum cleaner. One click and the cable is gone. The bagless system also eliminates annoying smells because the container is emptied quickly. The floor vacuum cleaner AEG LX7-1-FFP is a space-saving, optimal price-performance offer.

Kein Test: Beutelloser Staubsauger Dyson DC33c Origin - Produktvorstellung

The Dyson DC33c Origin is a bagless vacuum cleaner that can be called a powerhouse. The vacuum cleaner convinces by easy handling on all common floor coverings. It should be emphasized that the vacuum cleaner Dyson DC33c Origin - absorbs allergens and is therefore particularly suitable for allergy sufferers. This "crumb suction monster" consists of noise-damping components and thus enables a more pleasant vacuum cleaning. With the bagless system, the Dyson DC33c Origin leaves no unpleasant odours behind and is quick and easy to clean. Corner data: Motor power 750 Watt, suction power 260 AW (constant), action radius 10 meters, cable length 6.5 meters, container volume 2 liters, dimensions (H/B/T) 35/49/26 cm, weight 7.5 kg, color: silver / yellow

Kein Test Bodenstaubsauger Siemens VS06B112A Produktvorstellung

The Siemens VS06B112A is a small "Watt monster". Instead of the previously usual high wattage, this vacuum cleaner delivers the same performance with less energy consumption. Motto: Less is more. It convinces, on PVC/laminate/carpet by a strong suction power. The PowerSecureSystem guarantees a long-lasting optimal suction performance, as the 4 litre dust bag can unfold optimally. This keeps the follow-up costs low. Key data: Siemens VS06B112A Floor vacuum cleaner synchropower EEK B (with bag, highPower motor, PowerProtect system, hard floor nozzle, 700 W) black [energy class B]. Action radius 9 m Bag capacity 4l. Fazit: Strong suction power for little money.

Kein Test Dirt Devil M607 Saugroboter Spider Produktvorstellung

The Dirt Devil M607 suction robot Spider (17 Watt, 0,27l dust container volume, 3 programs) black one real alternative to "self" vacuuming. The suction robot has 3 modes:

  • Random mode : From wall to wall - Cleaning
  • Edge mode : sucks very close to the edge
  • circle mode: for vacuuming large surfaces, in spiral form.
  • In order to keep the everyday house dust in check, this "robot" is a pleasant relief and lets you find more time for more important things. As useful as this Dirt Devil M607 is, the conventional manual vacuuming remains necessary for a thorough cleaning.
    Key data: Running time : 45 min. / Product dimensions: 31.5 x 11 x 36.5 cm / Capacity: 0.27 litres / Automatic switch-off: No / Action radius : 1 m