Strategiespiel für Hunde Trixie Dog Activity Flip Board 23 cm echt tolles Geschenk für Hunde

The strategy game for dogs, Trixie Dog Activity Flip Board is a great idea and brings variety into the everyday life of the dog. A really great gift for dogs. The Trixie Dog Activity Flip Board has difficulty level 2 and is ideal for knowledge-hungry little "intelligence beasts". This game is a good balance to the physical load. Both benefit from the game: Dog and dog owner strengthen their bond playfully. In the Dog Activity Flip Board dog rewards can be placed and conquered by folding and sliding lids. A really great gift for dogs, since the play instinct of the dog can be lived out. This product is dishwasher safe, non-slip, weighs 540 g and is made of robust plastic.

Toller Schlüsselanhänger als Geschenk für Hundebesitzer

This small but fine Jack-Russel-Terrier keyring is especially suitable as a gift for dog owners of that breed. Of course there is this key ring for almost all dog breeds . This product is robust and made of Real leather. Worth mentioning is the Airbrush technique, which gave this keyring its fine painting. The key fob as a gift for dog owners is an animal good gift idea.

Outdoor Hunde Reise Wasserspender Melamin Faltbare Wasserflasche das Geschenk für Hundefans

The Outdoor Dog Travel Water Dispenser Melamin is the gift for dog fans. Not only on hot days, but on every longer car journey, ideally applicable. With this dog travel water dispenser you can always supply your dog with fresh water. The foldable water bottle, can be fastened with only one click at the dog leash. The material of which the bottle is made is suitable for food and is safe for the dog. The Outdoor Dog Travel Water Dispenser Melamine Foldable Water Bottle is a useful gift for dog fans.

Fellpflege FURminator Striegel für Hunde tolles Geschenk für Hundebesitzer

The FURminator curry for dog owners of a dog with short to medium fur, is very suitable for brushing dust and loose hair. The rubber naps on the FURminator currycomb, stimulate the sebaceous glands and ensure a healthy looking coat. Due to the comb profile a proper brushing of the undercoat is perfectly possible. The harrow is made of antimicrobial plastic to protect against germs/bacteria. For the coat care of your dog the FURminator curry comb for dogs is a useful gift for dog owners.

Geschenk für Hundebesitzer Gute Unterhaltung auf 2 DVDs mit Martin Rütter Live Hund Deutsch

The successful comedian has created with this issue: Martin Rütter-Live: Hund-Deutsch/Deutsch-Hund[2 DVDs] a great product that amuses and entertains with helpful tips for dog owners. That's why it's always worth a buy recommendation and a great gift for dog owners. The Martin Rütter-Live: Hund-Deutsch/Deutsch-Hund[2 DVDs] is an entertaining "show" and you will often be able to smile because every dog owner recognizes himself in at least one situation. The ideal gift for dog owners, because Martin Rütter brings good entertainment on 2 DVD's into the living room.