Praktisches Golf Trainings Basis Set als Geschenk für Golfer

If you are looking for a gift for golfers, the Callaway Golf Base Training package is a good choice. The training aids in this Golfer Base package are ideal for beginners in adulthood and juniors. You learn the right weight shift as well as the ideal interaction of body and arms. To healthy, achieve a good handicap when playing golf, it is very important to learn the basics correctly right from the start. The Callaway Golf basic training package accessories, black, C10533 turns out to be an ideal gift for golfers.

Indoor Golf Das Geschenk für Golfer Teaching Pro Putting Green XXL

The Teaching-Pro Putting Green XXL in 4m x 0,9m is the gift for golfers who want to improve their handicap even in bad weather and especially in the cold winter season. Due to the excellent processing of the mat (crimped fibres) it is possible to keep the track, stability and speed of the ball. Simply super to be able to work on his putting. By simply underlaying, for example, packaging material (newspapers, magazines, etc.) one simulates unevenness of nature. This mat of the Teaching-Pro Putting Green XXL implements this manipulation directly. This product is a great gift for golfers as it can be taken anywhere quickly. For example: In the office or in your own garage. Here still the basic data to the Teaching-Pro Putting Green XXL: Height: 14 mm. Weight: 2.7 kg per square meter. Knots: 66,950 per square meter. Dimensions: 4 meters x 90 cm

Golf Entfernungsmesser TONOR 900 MeterLaser ein tolles Geschenk für Golfer

With the Golf Rangefinder TONOR 900 MeterLaser you make especially newcomers to the sport of golf a useful and thus great gift for golfers. It is naturally important to know how long the distance to the hole is in order to decide which golf club to choose. With this rangefinder you can do that wonderfully, because it has a maximum range of 900 meters - that's enough. The TONOR 900 Meter Golf Rangefinder Laser Golf Rangefinder is also very good for other outdoor activities - Fishing / Hunting.Child friendly operation ! Already when switching on you see the sight point and the display is on yards . By further longer pressure on the menu key it is changed over to meter. In the scope of supply is a hand loop and a cover around the TONOR 900 meters golf distance meter laser golf well to stow to be able. A useful gift for golfers. With the Golf Rangefinder TONOR 900 MeterLaser you get a great gift for golfers because there is a good total package for the price. The quick guide is unfortunately only in English, but the handling can be learned intuitively. Learning by doing.

Top Puttingmatte inklusive Ballstoppereinheit ein tolles Geschenk für Golfer

If the golf course is closed due to continuous rain and you can't work on your handicap outside in nature, then the top putting mat, including ball stopper unit, is a great gift for golfers. This putting mat provides four "Speeds" [Greenfeeling]. Consisting of 2x fast and 2x slow "greens". With the mat wiper it is also possible to play against the line. Thus one comes very close to the reality outside on the golf course in nature. This function of the top putting mat, including ball stopper unit is already top. Depending on in which direction you "wiped", the line of the putt becomes visible. A good thing. The run-roll speed of the golf ball is very close to reality. The mat is well processed, equipped with anti-slip knobs and lies flat on the ground immediately. The ideal gift for golfers. A great gift for golfers: Best Track putting mat Large, 3.20 m x 75 cm, incl. ball stopper unit, silicone putting cup, mat wiper. Brand: BEST Track by best-service24

Geschenk für Golfer Die praktische Uhr um Ihr Handicap zu verbessern Golfer 2 GPS Uhr mit vielen Features von TomTom SPORTS

The handling of the Golfer 2 GPS clock via the 4-piece control pad is intuitive and easy to use. This Golfer 2 GPS watch with many features combines nice design with internal potential. An ideal gift for golfers. By providing current updates, the database is so extensive that a detailed use of the gained golf course corner data, useful for preparation for a game can be used. Even when delivered, this Golfer 2 GPS clock can be used reliably with many features. With the hit recognition, the watch records the distance of tees and their approach strokes. All strokes can be automatically entered into a score card. The golfer 2 GPS clock with many features also includes a TomTom MySports app, which allows an evaluation of the game. Tips / improvement suggestions included. A great gift for golfers.