Kein Test Elektronik Fire TV Stick inklusive Alexa-Sprachfernbedienung

The Fire TV Stick is an alternative to Smart TV. If you select the *Youtube application, you are right in the middle of the Internet. Using the various media libraries is child's play and enables you to take part in the events of your choice comfortably and without annoying advertising interruptions. Amazon Prime members benefit from unrestricted access to Prime Video and thus to thousands of films and series episodes. The Fire TV Stick including Alexa voice remote is reliable and easy to connect. Required for the Fire TV Stick are: HD television set with HDMI input, WLAN Internet connection, power socket. Scope of delivery: Fire TV Stick, Alexa voice remote control, USB cable and power supply unit, HDMI extension cable. *Google and Amazon are annoyed. From 01 January 2018 it will no longer be possible to use the YouTube app without further ado. But there is a way, so that they can start also further Youtube on their FireTVStick. How it works by detour: Update: No detour necessary anymore.

Kein Test Lautsprecher Echo mit Alexa Voice Service

The Speaker "Echo" with Alexa Voice Service, has seven integrated microphones, so that you can use the directional beam technology to adjust your speech and sound quality. instructions from anywhere in the room. Besides the possibility to play all your music from Amazon Music only with your voice and that in 360 degree surround sound quality, this speaker "Echo" is compatible with Alexa Voice Service: more Smarthome devices that would allow you to control your light switches, lamps and thermostats from the comfort of your sofa.

Kein Test Mobiler Bluetooth 4.0 Lautsprecher Anker SoundCore

It couldn't be more mobile.  The Bluetooth 4.0 loudspeaker anchor SoundCore with its built-in microphone is not only well suited to listening to music, but can also be used at any time for normal telephoning. A Mobile Bluetooth 4.0 volume speaker of ANKER, which allows them around the clock [24 hours battery life] a great music enjoyment in stereo sound. This speaker does not replace "Bose" speakers, but works according to the motto: small but fine. The Anker SoundCore - Mobile Bluetooth 4.0 Loudspeaker has a good price/performance ratio. Compatible with : iPhone, iPad, Samsung and other Android devices (Black)

Kein Test Kindle Paperwhite eReader Produktvorstellung

The Kindle Paperwhite eReader, impressed by a pin sharp image. The Kindle Paperwhite eReader can be adjusted to any room environment by the infinitely adjustable light. Even annoying sunlight is absorbed and cannot spoil your reading pleasure. It's a shame that you can't play audio books with the Kindle Paperwhite eReader. Apart from that, this eBook Reader is a great product and recommendable.

Kein Test Hochgeschwindigkeits HDMI Kabel 2 0 AmazonBasics Produktvorstellung

The AmazonBasics high speed HDMI cable 2.0 can be used with high resolution digital devices. For example, the game console is quickly connected to a large-screen HD TV and the gaming experience can begin. Interesting, is the integrated Ethernet support des high-speed HDMI cable 2.0 , which allows a shared Internet connection with multiple devices. No additional Ethernet cable is necessary anymore. The high speed HDMI cable 2.0 AmazonBasics, with its gold-plated connectors (conductivity) complies with today's standard and is downward compatible.

Kein Test Gigaset C430A Trio Telefon TFT Farbdisplay Dect Telefon mit Anrufbeantworter Produktvorstellung

The well processed Gigaset C430A Trio telephone / cordless telephone / 3 handsets - TFT - colour display / Dect - telephone - with answering machine / handsfree / analogue telephone, black  allows you to connect up to 6 handsets. With the Gigaset C430 A it is also possible to make calls in Hd quality using HSP technology. This can double the quality of the calls and increases the sound experience. Worth mentioning are the Gigaset C430A Trio telephone / cordless telephone / 3 handsets - TFT - colour display / Dect - telephone - with answering machine / handsfree / analogue telephone, black one large and well illuminated color display, the good pressure point of the keys and the application possibility as baby phones. Benefit: Easy operation, noticeable pressure point (BUTTONS), long battery life (-18 hours continuous call) disadvantage: People with significantly weaker eyesight may have problems with legibility under certain circumstances.

Kein Test INSTAR IN 6014HD HD IP Kamera Überwachungskamera Sicherheitskamera Produktvorstellung

The INSTAR IN-6014HD HD IP camera / surveillance camera / security camera / ip cam for indoor use with Lan and WLAN / Wifi (12 IR LED infrared night vision, PIR heat sensor, wide angle, SD card, recording, motion detection, audio) white  allows a 360 degree panoramic view. Fast, this security camera is recognized by INSTAR via WLAN or a LAN interface. Via the software, you can then configure various features. With the help of a "Webinterface" it is possible to remotely the INSTAR IN-6014HD HD IP camera / surveillance camera / security camera / ip cam for indoor use with Lan and WLAN / Wifi (12 IR LED infrared night vision, PIR heat sensor, wide angle, SD card, recording, motion detection, audio) white ohne Effort by the integrated swivel motor to align in all corners to get the best control over its spaces. Worth mentioning is the Passive infrared sensor which reacts to heat radiation. This reduces the possibility of a false alarm.  Furthermore, a number of Infrared LED's provide a well illuminated room (invisible). This surveillance camera from INSTAR is a high-quality solution in professional quality. Cornerline data: 90° wide-angle lens (4.3mm focal length), security camera can also be used as a baby monitor.

Kein Test Amazon Echo Dot 2 Generation Schwarz Produktvorstellung

The voice-controlled device: Amazon Echo Dot (2nd generation), Black is an intelligent expansion option for your loudspeakers or other smart home devices. Quick and easy connection via Bluetooth or stereo cable and the voice-controlled pleasure can begin. Whether as an "alarm clock" or control the light switch, lamps etc.   Amazon Echo Dot (2nd generation), Black  helps you to make your everyday life more pleasant. When using several Echo-Dot / Echo devices, the "person close to you" is always selected. Via Alexa - "Mind" of Echo-Dot , your user behavior is stored in a cloud and thus a "learning behavior" (as with any mobile phone) of the .Amazon Echo Dot (2nd generation), Black  device, recognizable. Echo dot , a modern , contemporary voice control .

Kein Test Amazon Tablet Fire HD 10 Produktvorstellung

The Fire HD 10-Tablet is the big brother of the predecessors Fire 7 and Fire HD 8 and is a clear advancement mainly in the "inside of the device". It lies well in the hand and surfing the Internet is thanks to the display: 10-inch touchscreen (25.65 cm); 1920 x 1200 resolution at 224 ppi, Full HD video playback, with IPS technology (In-Plane Switching), advanced polarization filter and fully laminated display, problem-free. However, depending on the sun's rays, a shady spot is recommended for working with the tablet, as despite the good image display, no clear image is produced in bright lighting conditions. Note: The Fire HD 10 does not have LTE or any other form of mobile phone access. Mobile Internet use is therefore only possible with WLAN available on site or via tethering via smartphone. Technical details

Light alarmPhilips HF3520/01 Wake-Up Light (sunrise function, digital FM radio, daylight clock) white - is a gentle method that makes getting up easier. If you are looking for such a method, this alarm clock with light is an interesting option for you. The ideal awakening experience is a natural awakening on a sunny day. But there are not so many days that start bright and sunny. Let yourself be inspired by the morning sunrise through the Philips HF3520/01 Wake-Up Light (sunrise function, digital FM radio, daylight clock) white - in a pleasant and gentle way - every day. 30 minutes before the wake-up time, the light slowly becomes brighter and will gently illuminate your sleeping environment from dawn to orange to bright daylight. You can choose from 5 different alarm tones. Simply tap the Philips Wake-up Light to activate the snooze function. To round it off, there is an integrated digital FM radio, 20 adjustable brightness levels and the reading lamp function. So - wake up slowly and gently and start the day in a more pleasant way.

Kein Test Handystrahlung Elektrosmog Schutz VIVOBASE Home Smartphone WLAN Strahlenschutz Produktvorstellung

The technical device promises a real comprehensive protection against "microwaves".Electrosmog protection - VIVOBASE Home I Protection against electromagnetic radiation, mobile phone radiation, smartphone, WLAN in house, flat - Radiation protection Range approx. 30m not. If this were the case, their electronic devices would no longer work. No healing promises are made by VIVOBASE. This Electrosmog protection from VIVOBASE is merely intended to provide a basis for reducing radiation exposure to all the common electronic devices (found in every "normal" household) today. For electrosensitive people unwanted effects can occur, e.g. headaches, due to the increasingly frequent occurrence of electrosmog. The Electrosmog Protection - VIVOBASE Home , promises an effectiveness according to scientific studies of the (Bion) in order to be able to build up an effective radiation protection for his home.