Kein Test Autor Franz Alt Was Jesus wirklich gesagt hat Eine Auferweckung Produktvorstellung

What Jesus really said: A resurrection

Without ethical depth, nothing works as it should, especially in today's world. Far too often, injustices occur that increasingly divide the population worldwide. 86 billionaires alone have as much wealth as the poorer half of mankind !

Jesus of Nazareth was for justice, but due to translation errors his statements were often conveyed incorrectly.

Günther Schwarz (theologian) assumed that 2/3 of the Bible was translated incorrectly.

Jesus's "mother tongue" was Aramaic, but was often derived from Greek and translated.

The Lord's Prayer then says: "and lead us not into temptation" is false (punishing God) Right would be ... "and carry us out in temptation" (gracious God) .

It is also always written about Judas when the traitor was written although Judas was only the bearer and thus acted in full agreement with Jesus of Nazareth. Peter was the traitor.

Lastly, the Bible consists only of human words and does not reveal God's word.

Ken Jebsen did an interview with the author Franz Alt, where the interested reader can get more information. KenFM-Video

A recommendable book by Franz Alt (formerly known from the program: Report). What Jesus really said: A resurrection

Kein Test Den Teufel in sich selbst besiegen Der geheime Weg Produktvorstellung

The secret path to freedom and success: How to defeat the devil in yourselfDer geheime Weg zu Freiheit und Erfolg: Wie man den Teufel in sich selbst besiegt
Shit, again the "little devil" has come up in me and has led to the fact that as already often, an everyday event ends with a negative aftertaste. Why, time and again, does one tend to bring obvious misconduct to light? It is the "hamster wheel in our head" that triggers unresolved conflicts with oneself and resulting fears.
Often, it only takes a little courage to acknowledge this problem in order to consciously discard it. Already early in childhood a behaviour pattern is suggested which is apparently recognized by the society (school, family, church...) "seemingly recognized" (sense of duty, guilt, morality etc.), which leads to the fact that one feels misunderstood and then unconsciously goes into a defensive attitude and thus builds up a "tank" around him, which blocks an open loving self-feeling.
Of course, not everything that used to be good is bad - but a lot of things need renovation. It's high time to blow up this framing and get rid of it. Start by filling your own thinking and feeling frames with your own values and desires and values.
Only those who learn to love and appreciate themselves are in a position to act in a benevolent manner in their social environment. People who have learnt to put aside the "personal devil" (revenge, envy, hatred, excessive rage, jealousy...) often experience the displeasure and anger of their fellow human beings, because their open nature triggers these negative "feelings" with their counterparts. - There, the same pattern (hamster wheel in our head) appears again. - Just stop this annoying "cycle of evil" and free yourself from it in order to finally be able to deal happier and friendlier with yourself and your environment. Learn to go happier, more conscious, more mindful and more grateful through your life. Define new goals for yourself that are much more valuable to you than the old ones. This book, The secret way to freedom and success: How to defeat the devil in yourself shall be a "nudge", so that they could go on the way of mindfulness,.
Another book tip from me : On soft soles into the brain: Political language and its secret power

Kein Test Dr Heidi Wichmann Neurobiologin Was Algen ein gesundes Gehirn und Wale miteinander zu tun haben - Produktvorstellung

The scientist Dr. Heidi Wichmann left the university in order to be able to produce dietary supplement products from algae - especially macro algae - without the need for a professorship. She didn't want to do research just for the drawer. This also gave her the freedom to determine where these algae came from. She swears by the Atlantic. According to the motto: Who does needs courage - the neurobiologist brings her well-founded knowledge into her products and tested them for about 2 years on herself and in her circle of friends. Since our food is unfortunately not as complex and healthy as in earlier years and our organism is burdened with many "environmental toxins", it makes sense to search for detoxification methods in the form of dietary supplements to go. Through this relief of the body, unknown processes can develop in consciousness over time, since our brain is dependent on a healthy basis of the body. My book tip: What algae, a healthy brain and whales have to do with each other

Kein Test Die Energie Revolution Freie Energie für Alle Produktvorstellung

With simple technology energy supply self-made. By means of an energy converter you can reproduce free energy with commercially available materials. To be able to heat your own apartment or the shared greenhouse in the community all year round is a financial relief and at the same time more independence. With the help of an electricity generator from the simplest means (material, purchasable in DIY stores) they create new perspectives for themselves. In the book: The Energy Revolution: Free Energy for All! - Heinrich Schmid (former vocational school teacher metal - car) explains the physical principle in detail on extra 80 pages, so that also previous physics muffle, become new fans. In the appendix of the book are the building instructions. The basic idea is: As medium one takes air and water thus natural resources as force to force transmission, a pulse generator (float), which is driven by a normal electric motor, a pipe system in the form of an endless loop, furthermore: Magnets (copper wire coil) coupled to a battery to absorb the excess current. With the generated current a part is again delivered to the electric motor, i.e. an "almost" closed system. Further innovations are conceivable and desirable at any time.

Kein Test Buchtip Im Zeichen der Wahrheit Heiko Schrang Produktvorstellung

Heiko Schrang - known in the alternative media with the show - Schrang TV ( Youtube ) - presents his new book: In the sign of truth. As a Buddhist he speaks fearlessly about apparent trivialities of our everyday life and is always in search of the truth. His works: "The lie of the century that only insiders know" and also the "GEZ lie" brought Heiko Schrang into the "spotlight" of alternative media. Author Heiko Schrang with his new book: In the sign of truth hardback edition

Kein Test Buch BIOS biologische Moderne Visionen Daniel Suarez Produktvorstellung

The book: BiosKein Test Buch BIOS biologische Moderne Visionen Daniel Suarez Produktvorstellung deals with "biological modernity" in a visionary way in 2045. In the technology-computer genre Bios means: Basic-Input-Output-System. What if you don't enter bits and bytes but "genes" ? Can algae and fungi be used in the car industry in the future ? It is already possible today to produce artificial knee joints individually with a 3D printer. Daniel Suarez, developed in his book: Bios exciting stories in SciFI - way of storytelling, which invite to think about ethical principles.

Kein Test Alternative Interessante Buchtipps Bücher Produktvorstellung

My book tip: As you can see from the title of the book, it reports about the machinations of the secret services. Enlightenment, never turned down. In which world do we actually live? Hard material, which raises the question: What is the official historiography of these cases worth? Download at Amazon as Kindle Edition.

Kein Test Download bei Amazon Hörbuch MP3 Video digitale Spiele Produktvorstellung

My book tip: Ken Jebsen , was born in Krefeld and has been a freelance journalist since 2011. He has succeeded in jumping into the medium of the Internet. His show KenFM is crowdfinanced and enjoys growing popularity. An alternative broadcasting channel versus mainstream. What is behind the controversial journalist? Look in the book - The Case of Ken Jebsen - for the answer to the question: How journalism can regain its independence on the Net. Download at Amazon as Kindle Edition.

Kein Test Download bei Amazon Hörbuch MP3 Video digitale Spiele Produktvorstellung

My book tip: The book is written excitingly like a thriller. While it is hotly debated in the alternative media [KenFM, Der Fehlende Part...], it is obvious in the mainstream media that it is not welcome. The author, Thorsten Schulte, devotes himself to the topic: Who threatens us and we protect ourselves. Form your own opinion about the theses in this book. Download at Amazon as Kindle Edition.

Kein Test Download bei Amazon Hörbuch MP3 Video digitale Spiele Produktvorstellung

My book tip: This book is also easy to understand for the layman. Harald Lesch presents in his well-known way (as in his television broadcasts), in a scientific way the complex context of nature. I find the explanation of the expression Anthropozene particularly interesting. It is about the question whether mankind actually leaves a "fingerprint" in the geochronological (earth layers) epoch by its behaviour. If so, it would make the great influence that we humans exert on nature ... climate frighteningly clear to later generations. A very worth reading book. Download at Amazon as Kindle Edition.

Kein Test Download bei Amazon Hörbuch MP3 Video digitale Spiele Produktvorstellung

My book tip: Learn more about the consequences of cash withdrawal. Not only the bank employees know about your habits, but whole profiles of your person can be individualized even more precisely. The digital I is created even though we are humans of flesh and blood. To the glassy person? Ad'e , with freedom and with its little secrets? Download at Amazon as Kindle Edition.

Kein Test verheimlicht vertuscht vergessen 2018 Buch Produktvorstellung

Questions forbidden! Read the answers while you still can ...Psst! Was the Las Vegas massacre of October 1, 2017 staged? Will our opinions be evaluated according to their "toxicity" in the future? Were the mainstream media founded by Nazis? Is the new French president a Masonic puppet? These are just some of the questions Gerhard Wisnewski conceals in his new yearbook - covered up - forgotten 2018. But wait! No questions asked! In 2017, mainstream journalists tried to ban Wisnewski from asking questions with the help of courts for the first time. Whether critical journalists will be allowed to ask questions tomorrow is therefore uncertain. So read the answers, as long as you are still allowed to - in secret - cover up - forget 2018! Did you know, for example, that Emmanuel Macron may have come to power through election fraud? What do Merkel and Mao Tse-tung have in common? That your smoke detector can easily be turned into a bug? That most car fumes are absolutely harmless? That real problems rarely become public scandals and public scandals rarely deal with real problems? And what will happen tomorrow? Where is the journey going? What trends can be derived from 2017? As always, Wisnewski also risks a look into the future in his closing chapter "Trend's". Read there how the globe is governed by fear, how the world is controlled with the help of terrorism, how the earth is transformed into a high-security wing, how the inviolability of our privacy is increasingly being dissolved, how Germany is increasingly becoming a legal vacuum - and other more.


Kein Test Vorbeugende Nahrungsergänzungsmittel Nährstoffe Vitamine Produktvorstellung

The key to success at work, sport and play is and remains health. Therefore, it is very important to prevent diseases as best as possible. As we live in an ever faster, more stressful and therefore more resilient world, we often don't have the time to cook "fresh". This makes it all the more important to support health maintenance in a gentle way through dietary supplements and in a natural way. 

Kein Test Fiktion der Terrorbedrohung 9 11 Produktvorstellung

This book deals with the 9/11 incident that changed the whole world. There are many indications that America's attempt to explain is not true. Quickly people who express themselves critically end up in the corner of the conspiracy theorist like e.g. the Swiss historian Daniele Ganser Energy and peace researcher Get your own picture of this terrible misfortune and find your own opinion.

Kein Test Hammster-Rad im Kopf Auf leisen Sohlen ins Gehirn Produktvorstellung

Hamster wheel in the head ? On soft soles into the brain: Political language and its secret power

Have you ever wondered why they always react similarly to certain life events and why they already know in advance that things will get stressful again and that in the end no progress will be made in the matter? When they look for a way to finally face up to this pattern of behaviour, they leave their old patterns of thinking. "Framing" is a subtle way of giving us the framework/area in which to think. However, it is suggested that they are not patronized. What if they don't want that? By becoming aware that there is the possibility to create their own "Own FRAME", they generate new solutions. Thus, the chance is born to their "hamster wheel in the head", to spring out and find new ways of social togetherness. It is always worthwhile to tackle it. On soft soles into the brain: Political language and its secret power

Kein Test Das Handbuch fuer die individuelle Impfentscheidung Produktvorstellung

Humans are regularly exposed to viruses and bacteria (pathogens). Individual reasons lead to the fact that not everyone can be vaccinated. It mainly affects baby-age children and people with a weak immune system and represents a serious threat and a more difficult vaccination decision for them. This is where the so-called herd immunity comes in. The more people who are vaccinated against the highly contagious disease "measles", the less it can spread. Just a few decades ago, infectious diseases were widespread in Germany. The book Vaccination Pro & Contra: The manual for the individual vaccination decision shows light and shadow on this subject.

Kein Test Traeume Motivation Alles ist moeglich Wie ich den Mut fand meinen Traeumen zu folgen Produktvorstellung

Wow... that was my first impression when I read the foreword to Everything is possible: How I found the courage to follow my dreams - the. It also reminded me of the book by Silke Naun-Bates.My suitcase full of happiness in that it is also about motivation and the search for the meaning of life. The human child who was born without legs *Jen Bricker* underwent a special personality development and despite her "handicap" is active in the profession of an aerial acrobat. Furthermore, she inspires thousands of people in her lectures with her basic attitude to *living with God*. As a reader, you too can learn to recognize the *strengths and beauties* - where they arise - although your human environment does not perceive them. Let yourself be carried away, while holding on to the *belief of love* to yourself and your fellow human beings, so that existing hurdles can be overcome. Call it *belief in God* or something *transcendental*. No matter what name you give the "child", one thing is for sure - good [personality development] always comes out of it. Plunge, also you with all courage into new challenges and apply new procedures around so-called obstacles, differently to master to be able. Be a *hot-air balloon* that re-designs itself - lets itself float into life. Try it out with your neighbour :) My book tip: Everything is possible: How I found the courage to follow my dreams

Kein Test Geruestet fuer die Apokalypse BLACKOUT - Morgen ist es zu spaet Roman Produktvorstellung

In BLACKOUT - Tomorrow it's too late: Roman a fictitious power outage in Europe is assumed to have been caused by a hacker attack. News which could give the necessary assistance about the current actual condition are not available without TV without mobile phone and without Internet. Chaos and anarchy quickly reign in the countries and helplessness spreads among the population. Already today, various "Timebombs" are slumbering in the different network systems of different countries. These could be triggered at any time and would certainly come close to a "declaration of war". More and more people are preparing for such a scenario. In so-called "Prepper" courses, one can already learn today measures how one can behave on any kind of catastrophe for a certain time window. Ready for the Apocalypse? BLACKOUT - Tomorrow it's too late: Roman

Die Erfolgsgesetze Glaube an Dich und werde reich Fortsetzung von Denke nach und werde reich Napoleon Hill Produktvorstellung

Napoleon Hill, born in Virginia in 1883, began working as a newspaper reporter at the age of 13 to escape his own poverty. His later mentor Andrew Carnegie commissioned him to explore the secret of success through the success stories of the richest Americans and to make it applicable to the individual. His findings from 20 years of work are, among other things, the content of the customer's thinking and becoming rich, who sold millions of copies worldwide. Napoleon Hill died in South Carolina in 1970. More information under: Source: Audio book on YouTube or as bound editionBelieve in yourself and get rich: The continuation of think about and get rich

Kein Test Diagnose Demenz Demenzerkrankung Gerontopsychiatrie Krankheitslehre Produktvorstellung

The diagnosis of dementia often comes as a surprise to those affected and is particularly difficult for them to accept. Initially, these people are still sufficiently "fit" and therefore often fall into a shock-like state. For dementia sufferers, it is therefore important that their relatives and friends continue to integrate them fully into their social environment. Nowadays our society is getting older and older and the number of people suffering from dementia is increasing. We should be aware of the fact that dementia can affect anyone and that it is therefore important to deal openly with this diagnosis in order to be able to understand those affected and their relatives. The book Gerontopsychiatry for nursing professions (pathology) deals with many related issues such as dementia symptoms, proxy, dementia progression and the cost of care. Dedicate yourself in time to the topic: Living with dementia - What this means and think about the legal and medical issues. Gerontopsychiatry for nursing professions (pathology)

Kein Test Achtsamkeit Lebensqualität Locker Buchtitel Am Arsch vorbei geht auch ein Weg Produktvorstellung

The book: There's also a way past your ass: How your life improves when you finally loosen up shows how they can improve their quality of life without becoming an unsympathetic egoist. It is important to be as relaxed and relaxed as possible and to relieve unnecessary stress. Concentrate on the essentials and put the focus on your own ME. In the book: There's also a way past your ass: How your life improves when you finally loosen up shows how they can clean up their everyday lives by questioning their social habits. Improve your quality of life with only minor but effective decisions and free yourself from superfluous constraints. Bring more mindfulness into your life because mindfulness is the key to success to achieve a happy and self-determined life.

Kein Test Die Zeit ist reif Utopien fuer Realisten Buchvorstellung

Man, to his happiness, needs not only various pleasurable, cheerful or especially enjoyable experiences but also hope, new undertakings and change. In Utopias for realists: The time is ripe for the 15-hour week, open borders and the unconditional basic income is e.g. a thesis containing the 15 hour week for everyone. Due to the digitalization of our future working world, this is a scenario to be assumed. In 10-15 years some economists estimate (e.g. John Maynard Keynes in 1930 ! ) that will be one of the biggest challenges in the 21st century. Leisure - neither luxury nor vice. Leisure is as important for our brain as vitamin C is for our body. There will probably not be a person who thinks seriously: "If only I'd done a few more overtime hours or sat in front of the game console or the TV for a few hours longer." It won't be easy to swim in a "pool of free time" and not dive into it. In the book Utopias for realists: The time is ripe for the 15-hour week, open borders and the unconditional basic income this is only one topic of many other thought-provoking impulses and theses that will inspire you to activate your utopian thinking and thus, can trigger quite important insights. According to the motto: Who reads books looks into the world - can I give you this book Utopias for realists: The time is ripe for the 15-hour week, open borders and the unconditional basic income as recommendable and worth reading.

Test Lesbares Philologen Philosophie Friedrich Nietzsche Biographie seines Denkens Produktvorstellung

This book Nietzsche: Biography of his thinking  is not to be read in one day, because it is necessary to understand manifold trains of thought of Friedrich Nietzsche more exactly. The author Rüdiger Safranski, in his well-known way, has learned knowledge about the Philology-philosophers Nietzsche intelligent, excellently biographed and illuminated. The book Nietzsche: Biography of his thinking can stimulate to want to develop the own "pillars of thought", so that one can progress in his endeavor to develop new behavior patterns. Thus, a "flame" can emerge that can spark a new perhaps utopian or realizable worldview. Quote: "I am not human, I am dynamite". Friedrich Nietzsche An intelligently written, recommendable book Nietzsche: Biography of his thinking which gives this philologist and philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche a certain stage.

Kein Test Naturalismus Humanismus Vom wahren Geist der Humanität Produktvorstellung

Hubertus Mynarek - From the true spirit of humanity A book: From the True Spirit of Humanity: Evolutionary Naturalism is not Humanism - The Giordano Bruno Foundation in Critique that speaks against the degenerative zeitgeist , which only relies on superficial sensuality, fun etc. and thus a differnt thinking and the effort to find or redefine real moral values becomes impossible. Back to the Roots = does that mean that man is and remains an animal and is only subject to his drives? What about the possibility of redirecting one's instincts for higher value? Naturalism differs substantially from the True Spirit of Humanity, which should constitute a truly evolutionary human being. The body, mind and soul are each to be regarded as one for themselves, so that all 3 are to be regarded as equal. This "trio" has to be brought into balance. VideoLink: From the true spirit of humanity

Kein Test Warum schweigen die Lämmer Elitendemokratie in der Gesellschaft von Rainer Mausfeld Produktbeschreibung

If you are a friend for the precise analysis of social events, you will find in this work Why are the lambs silent?: How elite democracy and neo-liberalism destroy our society and our livelihoods Find what you're looking for. The so-called middle of society has long since ceased to exist as before, as many are already on the fringes and feel that as soon as they fall themselves the landing will be very painful. The constantly growing division of society is apparently due to the general globalization of the world. This thesis distracts from the actual machinations of the Deep State and leads the individual to become unable to act, powerless or, in the worst case, to become prejudiced against even weaker people and to step further down. Through the media (mainstream reporting) an interweaving of politics, justice, administration and the banking world that has grown over decades is portrayed as if everything had its democratic justification. But far from it, everything has been planned for a long time and there is a system behind it, the society (lambs in the herd) to take more and more their livelihood. This book: Why are the lambs silent?: How elite democracy and neo-liberalism destroy our society and our livelihoods offers the opportunity to form one's own thoughts about many social injustices and to refocus one's attention. A review of this book sums it up: "Finally a book that should bring some life into the house". Further remarks: Exclusive impression + Youtube

Kein Test Imker als Hobby auch in der Stadt Herr Bien und seine Feinde Vom Leben und Sterben der Bienen Produktvorstellung

The author Timm Koch is a hobby beekeeper and has worked his way deep into this matter. In this book: Mr. Bien and his enemies: About the life and death of bees the complex facts are described. One experiences such exciting things as the "social stomach" of the bees - this means that the honey bee only takes so much for itself from its "harvest" that it can fly on. A kind of "aviation fuel". The bee death is thanks to the beekeepers not really the problem. Much more decisive is the decline of insects in general. Up to 80 percent have already disappeared. With this, the clean windscreens can also be explained, about which some drivers have already wondered why this is so.  It is also interesting that people in the city can pursue this hobby. For future beekeepers, I recommend also the attached link to Youtube to get more input. Enjoy reading the book: Mr. Bien and his enemies: About the life and death of bees

Kein Test Alternativen vesus Globalplayern Leistet Widerstand Eine andere Welt ist moeglich Produktvorstellung

Summary of the book: Resists: Another world is possible Quote from Ken Jebsen "Our capitalist economic system cannot do without war. Trade is also war, war for market shares. Nature is going to the dogs while millions of people are starving. The modern industrial agriculture is beside war the main causer of mass flight because it devastates the planet. If we do not support the still classically working smallholder on his spritzer urgently in his homeland we trigger a global mass flight which will also be military, unstoppable. The alternatives are there, we just have to go and enforce them against global players. We finally need fair world trade, fair rules and transparency, which means that local resistance is now the order of the day. We now need to move the tax around and initiate a radical rethink. Making alternatives instead of demanding alternatives. Another world is possible if we, as civil society, push it through. Sustainability must replace striving for profit, so that the planet with all its inhabitants has a chance. If the human species in the 21st century fails to live in harmony with nature, we will die out. We are counted and now have the chance to prove that we are smarter than the dinosaurs." Resists: Another world is possible